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How DeKUT Led to my Path

 Amos Kigiri


Njeri Muthoni, DeKUT Alumnus


Prof. Mathew Theuri, Director- Institute of General Studies

> Studying at DeKUT is beyond Attaining a degree       

  > Beating the Fear of Climbing Mt.Kenya and the lessons learnt   

   > Daring Mt. Kenya in the spirit of edutourism

>Food for Thought: Education Needs to mean more                                                                                                                                 > Understanding the Internet of Things

Latest News/ Events


It is time Kenya’s universities embraced virtual reality to teach

“As the country continues to strive towards enhancing manufacturing under the big 4 agenda, it is imperative that we leverage on emerging technologies to not only make the industries efficient but to also facilitate education in STEM programs. One of the technologies that offers great prospects in promoting STEM education is Virtual Reality (VR). Prof. Jean Bosco

DeKUT AR/VR solutions team emerge as winners during the startup weekend

The DeKUT’s Centre for Industrial Productivity & Engineering (CIPE) has conducted 5 days training in Torrent East Africa on industrial productivity improvement, Quality management and Supervisory skills development.

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Students Develop a Digital Health Pass to Manage Covid - 19

“It is not the bruises on the body that hurt. It is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind. We have to start calling sexual harassment out because only then can we begin to make progress on it. If you blame the rape victim because her clothes were provocative, you must also blame the bank that was robbed because its content was provocative.”

Agnes Katanu Nzonzi